We are honored to introduce our Spring / Summer 2019 Artists:

DAME dada

Dame daDA & the Meta Show (go to church)

Saturday, June 22, 2019, 8PM - Standup / Performance Art


Without being cognizant of her actions, Nichole Hamilton was creating the character of Dame Dada throughout her life (or was Dada creating Nichole?). The Dame was finally born in 2016, the 100-year anniversary of Dadaism itself. With the glamour of Katherine Hepburn and the clowning styles of Norma Desmond, Dada is serious madwoman. Using the framing devices of standup, storytelling, spoken word play, and spontaneous interaction, the Meta Show is a playful and personal reflection on humanity and all its hypocrisies. After its inaugural production at the 2016 Burning Man Festival, Dame daDA & the Meta Show has toured Florida, Minnesota, and New York City. Nichole has been collecting content, games, and life observations to use in the setting of THE CHURCH for a fresh new show: “Dame daDa & The Meta show (go to Church).”

Nichole Hamilton currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts at New Mexico State University, teaching acting and vocal production courses and directing mainstage productions. She has been a professional actor and director for 20 years. A self-proclaimed gypsy, Nichole has lived or worked in 17 states while being far from having reached the end of her journey. 

More info: www.damedada.com


the night they lit up wrigley

A Story about Rita Meyer

Written by Connie I. Lane

A UPSI Inc. Production based on the 1987 MUNY / Student Theatre Project Commission under the Artistic Leadership of Fontaine Syer and Pamela Sterling

Thursday, July 18, Friday, July 19 & Saturday, July 20, 2019, 8pm - Theater


In February 1987, Connie I. Lane, a young theater professional from St. Louis and member of Redbird Nation since an early age, had the opportunity to interview Rita Meyer for research on her playing days in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). Meyer played shortstop and pitcher for the Peoria Redwings 1946-1949 where she earned the nickname “Slats” because her slick defense and hard-throwing arm reminded people of the St. Louis Cardinals’ shortstop, Marty “Slats” Marion. Based on her research, Lane wrote a one-woman drama based on facts. The play was originally commissioned by the Muny / Student Theatre Project and premiered in 1987, directed by Pamela Sterling and performed by Lane. By way of a serendipitous meeting between Rita’s daughter Laura Moellering and the Producers of THE CHURCH Artist Residency and Performance Space, the story, still as compelling as it was 32 years ago, will come back to life only a short 10 miles from baseball’s iconic home: Cooperstown, NY. The play is reimagined with new direction, videography, and performance.




Saturday, September 14, 2019, 8PM - Choreography / Dance / Dance Film


This piece is an evolution of a duet, BAB/E, that Thryn began in June of 2018. BAB/E was inspired by ideas of physical impact (body against body, body against itself, body against the floor) relationships, disruption of the feminine ideal, mosh pits, and punk rock music. An exploration of exposed nerves, consumption of sensation, “mud and glass,” it is in part a response to her experience of having certain extremes of physicality withheld by the nature of being a woman causing her to instead research and run after them. In this new iteration, women have space to experience those risks and sensations and indulge in their pure physicality while exploring the subtleties and nuances of the female. This residency is the next step in activating the vulnerability and force that began in the initial stages of the work. Thryn’s work is largely inspired by cinematic effect and timing. She would like to explore how this piece lives in film as well. 

THRYN SAXON: SAXYN/DanceWorks is a dancer, filmmaker, choreographer, and teacher from Miami, FL whose work has been performed at venues across NYC.  She has taught at the Cameron Dance Center in FL, DanceWave ASDI Summer Intensive, Connecticut College, Gibney Dance Center, and Peridance Capezio Center. As a dancer, she has performed with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, John Zullo, Julia Ehrstrand, Rosie DeAngelo, and currently dances with SpacesOfFontana, TYKE Dance, and Kate Weare Company. Her debut dance film, all of her, was an official selection for the 2018 LA Dance Shorts Film Festival, The MarDel Presents: Dance on Film Festival (nominated for Best Choreography), SPARK Dance Film Festival, and the ARTS TRIANGLE Dance Film Festival. Thryn was recently selected as one of eight resident choreographers to participate in the Mare Nostrum Elements: Emerging Choreographer Series in 2019.

More info: www.thrynsaxon.com