The Night they lit up wrigley

An original play written by Connie I. Lane

Directed by Eliza Beckwith

Performed by Sarah StewarT Chapin

“The Night They Lit Up Wrigley” is an original play encompassing the highlights of one woman’s memorable life and career as a member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. 

Meyer played shortstop and pitcher for the Peoria Redwings 1946-1949 where she earned the nickname “Slats” because her slick defense and hard-throwing arm reminded people of the St. Louis Cardinals shortstop, Marty “Slats” Marion.

The play relates the current day relevance of Rita Meyer’s experience pursuing her dream while at times rebelling and at other times obliging to the societal expectations of her time.

Ultimately it Is about the power to shake up common beliefs and, with a small whisper of Equality, begin to change how the world thinks.


Direction:                           Eliza Beckwith

Playwright: Connie I. Lane

Playwright Consultant:      Richard Willet

Performer:                          Sarah Stewart Chapin

Video Design:                    Scott Fetterman

Sound Design:                   JJ Margolis

Costume Design:              Jeff Johnson-Doherty

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