"The Church"

In early June 2014, we began the transformation of a 200 year old former Baptist Church in Mount Vision, NY, to a live-in Artist Residency facility. The first work phase included the pouring of new concrete footings, new structural beams and floor joists, a new sub floor & bathroom on the first floor. During the winter and spring months of 2016 we insulated and redivided the ground floor into sleeping quarters for 6-10 people and a community room with space for a kitchen. A lobby renovation, plumbing and basic kitchen appliances and most importantly a new metal roof followed in the early months of 2017. With these steps completed, we will soon be able to install heat at which point year round Operations will be possible.

Are you looking for an intimate and unusual venue for a film or photo shoot, meeting, workshop or event? THE CHURCH is still available for rent on certain dates between May 1 - October 31, 2018.  For information and bookings please E-mail prapp@upsi-ny.com.